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Maxus T90 EV. First electric pick-up combines classic and modern

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In a move to get ahead of the competition, Maxus has launched the first electric pick-up on the European market, which is also now available in Portugal. The success of the T90 EV may be conditioned by its rear-wheel drive, high price and a range of up to 330 kilometres on the WLTP cycle.

The Maxus electric pick-up truck arouses enormous curiosity and interest as it passes by, not only because it is a model that has so far been unknown on the national market, but also because of its near-absence of noise, apart from a characteristic (and annoying) hiss at low speeds. 

While it's true that this segment will be one of the last to be electrified, Maxus beat the competition to the punch by launching the first electric pick-up in our country. 

Unlike many electric models that use a dedicated platform, the Maxus T90 EV is the result of an adaptation of the Chinese T90 pick-up truck, also marketed in Thailand and Pakistan as the MG Extender.

In essence, the Maxus T90 EV is a medium-sized, five-seater, double-cab pick-up with an exterior length of 5.35 metres, a long wheelbase of 3.16 metres and a width of 1.90 metres. 

Rear-wheel drive only

One of the peculiarities of the T90 EV will be the layout of its driveline. The engine compartment accommodates the electrical systems instead of the diesel block, but as the battery has a very high capacity of 88.6 kWh, it had to be installed under the chassis. 

As a result, the T90's all-wheel drive system had to be eliminated and the relatively higher ground clearance leaves the battery box visible. 

Traction is provided by an electric motor mounted on the rear axle, which sits lower than the differential, reducing the useful ground clearance to a modest 18.7 centimetres, while the angles of attack and departure are no more than 27º and 24º. 

Naturally, these figures limit off-road performance, but as it only has rear-wheel drive, the Maxus T90 EV is far from having a more demanding off-road vocation. It does, however, have a descent control system.

The battery claims a range of up to 330 kilometres on the WLTP cycle or 417 km on the urban cycle. It can be charged by alternating current at 11 kW in 7.5 hours or by direct current at 80 kW in just 45 minutes. The charging socket is located where the diesel filler neck would normally be, on the left rear side panel. 

Conventional and modern

Moving on to the cabin, it features a dashboard with a contemporary design, not lacking a 10.25" touchscreen in the centre console, which controls most of the functions, with the exception of the climate control, which has dedicated physical buttons at the bottom.

The main controls are a mix of conventional and modern. There is an ignition lock for inserting the key and a mechanical parking brake between the seats. On the other hand, the driving programmes are selected via a rotary control, as in other Maxus models.

The general quality of the cabin is reasonable, as is the level of construction, with a combination of hard plastics and leather-like panelling used on the doors and seats.


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