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Safe and Trackable Delivery: Our Delivery Experience for You

At WildTT, your satisfaction is our priority, and that includes ensuring your order reaches you securely and conveniently. We collaborate with trusted carriers who adhere to stringent service standards. Here's what you can expect from our delivery process:

  1. Advance Communication: The carriers we work with typically make a call before delivery. This advance contact allows you to be aware of when your order will be delivered.

  2. Order Tracking: After making your purchase, we provide a tracking number that enables you to trace your order in real-time. We recommend closely monitoring the delivery progress to prepare for receipt.

  3. Delivery Attempts: Carriers usually make up to two delivery attempts. If you are unavailable to receive the order, don't worry; the carrier will make a new attempt. However, after the third unsuccessful attempt, the order will be returned.

  4. Refund or Redelivery: If the order is returned after three delivery attempts, we offer two options:

    • Refund of the item(s) value.
    • New delivery attempt with an additional charge for shipping.

Our team is always available to address questions and provide assistance. Thank you for choosing WildTT for your needs; we hope you have a positive shopping experience.

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