Top Roll Wild VW Amarok 2023+ - WildTT
    Top Roll Wild VW Amarok 2023+ - WildTT
    Top Roll Wild VW Amarok 2023+ - WildTT

    Top Roll Wild VW Amarok 2023+

    • Remote Control Via Mobile App
    • Versatile Equipment Compatibility
    • Enhanced Security
    • Water Drain Management
    • Seals and Channels
    • Durable Locking System
    • Multiple Locking Positions
    • Patented Rail System
    • Drill-Free Installation
    • Waterproof Design
    • Noise and Vibration Reduction
    • Roll Storage Mechanism
    • Optimized Weight
    Colour: Matt Black
    1. Remote Control Via Mobile App:

      • Possibility to open and close the roller shutter through a mobile application, available for iOS and Android operating systems.
      • This provides additional convenience and easy remote control directly from your mobile device.
    2. Versatile Equipment Compatibility:

      • The rails are designed to accommodate various factory or non-factory equipment such as roll bars and side rails securely.
    3. Enhanced Security:

      • New anti-theft design ensures 100% safety.
      • Anti-Theft Protection system with interlocking aluminum bars prevents sharp objects from entering roll joints.
    4. Water Drain Management:

      • Effective water drain management with two drainage systems and two overflows provides maximum protection against rain and snow.
    5. Seals and Channels:

      • Side rubber seals and 8 side water channels (Rails) contribute to weather resistance.
    6. Durable Locking System:

      • Strong and durable central locking system with a plastic cover for weather protection.
    7. Multiple Locking Positions:

      • Multiple locking positions on the locking plate inside the rails (Three locking positions).
    8. Patented Rail System:

      • The movement of the cover, lower plate support, and multiple position locking are facilitated by the patented rails, which are independent and parallel.
    9. Drill-Free Installation:

      • No drilling required for installation; clamp fitting is sufficient.
    10. Waterproof Design:

      • Absolute waterproofing ensured by specially designed rubber hinges.
    11. Noise and Vibration Reduction:

      • Special waterproof rubber provides excellent noise and vibration absorption.
    12. Roll Storage Mechanism:

      • Modern roll storage mechanism for convenience.
    13. Optimized Weight:

      • Specifically designed weight (40kg) for improved driving behavior and fuel savings.
    14. Package Inclusions:

      • Package includes x1 Roller Lid / Tonneau Cover, Installation Kit, 2 Remote Key Controllers, and Installation Instructions.

    Data sheet

    Product Type
    Top Roll
    Manufacturing Material
    Operating Mode
    Electric (With Remote Control)
    Keys Included
    Roof Bars Included
    No (Can be purchased separately)
    Interior Light Included
    Yes (Direct Cable Connection / LED)
    Vehicle Type (Compatibility)
    VW Amarok Life/Style 2023+

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